We love a drink, if you are drinking alcohol or not we can create beautifully tasting drinks for you to indulge in.


Our highly trained mixologists will create a magical party to remember. Using a combination of modern and traditional methods to infuse and imbue fabulous flavours into your cocktails and mocktails.


For a breathtaking tipple have a zingy passionfruit and lime infused vodka or a delicate borage Gin and tonic with a twist of tarragon, or dance the night away with an espresso martini with nutty Frangelico. And who said being sober means you miss out on all the fun? Our sparkling rubarb, vanilla and elderflower mocktail offers a fabulous alternative for the non-drinkers amongst you.


We have excellent connections with local wine and beer producers and importers and can offer the highest level of advice and support in finding the ideal beverage to accompany your meal.

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